Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We're back, finally, from our long-winded vacation out West. I'm sure I have more stories to tell about our vacation, but right now the biggest thing on my mind is that my computer has decided to revolt, somehow, during our week away. I really have no idea how this happened. How does something break when you're not even using it?

I blame the iPhone.

Friday night before we left P went to the mall to stand in line to buy an iPhone. He brought it home and tried to get it all "formatted" or something like that by connecting it to our big computer--the one with everything on it. I don't know. Everything seemed to work out fine, except that he was having problems importing music onto the thing. The details are fuzzy to me. But P assures me that it has nothing to do with the Glowing Ray of Holy Moonshine that is the iPhone and that it is, in fact, a problem with our big computer. Big Computer is fine, I say. It's never given ME any trouble. But now it is the focus of an intensive search and destroy mission involving my tech-husband, a small handful of Apple Help Guys in California (or India, again, what do I know?), and possibly some rookie CIA agents. And now it doesn't work. Even my blog reader doesn't work and as far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with the iPhone. All I know is that it worked before we introduced it to the iPhone.

In any case, it has made blogging difficult since I haven't been able to get P's head out of the hard drive since we've been home. It's even been hard to get instructions on Picture Posting to my blog since the computer tends to muffle his speech.

So, stand by. I'll be back and I hope to bring pictures of knitting and vacationing with me. As long as the iPhone doesn't eat the photos.

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Peter Edstrom said...

OK, let's be clear. S's RSS reader stopped working. Don't know why, and it is true, that iTunes would crash the whole computer when I tried to sync the new iPhone. The reason this is tragic is that no one expects a Mac to have problems. The reason it isn't a big deal, is because it's been working flawlessly otherwise and would have been rebuilt at least 4 times already had it been a Windows-based PC. Anyway, the iPhone people were helpful, but in the end, I just moved our data to a freshly-created account and (will soon) delete the old account. It seemed to be something deeper than just application preferences, and affected RSS-Vienna, iPhoto, and iTunes (only in conjunction with iPhone). Anyway, I moved many GB of data to an external drive then back into the new account and everything has been working fine. Total working time = 3 evenings or so, and much of that time just about everything (save iPhone sync) continued to work just fine.