Saturday, July 26, 2008

Small News: Updated

I had an interesting meeting with one of the super-specialists who was on rounds yesterday.

He said that of women who rupture early most of them will deliver in about a week. Of the rest, there is no telling when they will deliver, but that a lot of them seem to hang on to about 32 weeks. Amazing! This is just what I've been wanting to know, but no one has been able to tell me. Of course, most doctors don't want to be this specific because I can still deliver at any time and I'm sure they don't want me to be upset if I'm expecting to carry the baby to 32 weeks and end up delivering at 28. But it's a little reassuring to know that hoping to carry to 32 weeks isn't outside the realm of possibility. I'm still hoping for a 34 week miracle, but you take what you get in situations like these.

I'm still praying every day for God's help in holding off infection and for grace and comfort for my family. I've been smacked around by statistics in the past and I don't put much confidence in them*. But I'll take reassurance where I can find it and yesterday I was happy to find a doctor that brought some with him.

*My uncle always jokes about how he doesn't care what the statistics are. Even if you have a 99% chance of not having something bad happening, if it does happen, your chances are exactly 100% that it will.

Update: Also, I haven't leaked any more fluid for a day and a half. This is also good news. I'll probably leak again, but it's good to know that I'm holding on, for a while at least, to the new fluid that is being made.


Angoraknitter said...

Great news! I'm hoping you'll just grow a patch over the break and seal back up. Don't forget to eat those oranges!

Angoraknitter said...

Hi again! Just checkin in on ya! Big (((HUG)))

Striving Green said...

That's terrific - an doctor letting you in on what he/she knows.

Totally off topic- can you share your pesto recipe that you mentioned in the parsley post?

Hope you are well.

Striving Green said...

I found the pesto recipe in my Moosewood Cookbook at home. Thanks for the reminder!