Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finished Project Report

I didn't mean to leave such a bummer post for so long.  We've been busy with a growing baby.  He has a weight-check appointment this evening and I'm expecting him to be near nine pounds.  It certainly feels that way as I carry him around in my sling.

This is what I finished today.  The yarn was a gift from Allison at the beginning of my hospital stay this summer.  I actually finished the sweater when I was in the hospital still, but I just bought buttons last night.  This sweater is so soft.  The yarn is Blue Sky organic cotton.  I have a wee bit of yarn left and I'm wondering if I could knit a washcloth for Rachel.  She doesn't have a dishwasher so she might like a special washcloth.  Organic, even.  

When Henry wakes up again I'll make him try it on.  I think he'll even wear it to his doctor's appointment tonight!


Angoraknitter said...

oh it's so cute! I hate sewing on the buttons, why can't we just knit them on somehow as we go? Perhaps if I knew how to make a bobble.

Love the sweater!

Striving Green said...

What a beautiful sweater. You are so talented!

CJ said...

Ooooh, pretty!

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous sweater!!! I don't think I ever commented on your last post, but I certainly felt your heartache and frustration.


pretendingsanity said...

it looks wonderful! And I'm so excited for him to wear it in photos (hint!)

Rachel Koniar said...

Nice work. and for some reason I think Rachel would love a little home knit love. ; )