Monday, December 1, 2008

My Hands, They Are Full

I think that recent sleep deprivation has left me a little punchy. I was washing potatoes for dinner tonight, imagining what I wanted to say, and all that came to mind were stupid, corny jokes that would barely be funny if you were in the same room with me. Luckily I realized how silly I was being before actually writing anything down.

Tomorrow Henry has another weight-check. I want to make sure that he's still growing, I guess. Babies seem to grow all of a sudden. Days and days can pass with no apparent change and then you're trying to fit them into a wee sleeper before you realize that they really should be wearing a 5T.

There have been many challenges with my oldest child lately. It's hard to know where to find help sometimes. I worked in daycare and school programs for years and he still has me up against a wall. I've been reading Love and Logic and Raising your Spirited Child. I'm not sure how much help books will be, though. I'm fairly convinced that when he's grown you'll be hearing about him on the news--either because he's discovered a cure for the common cold or because he's raised up a small army to conquer a small country. I wish I could look ahead to see how he's going to turn out. It would take a lot of the suspense out of my daily life.

I'd like to just boot the kids outside, but they are both (understandably) reluctant to go out and play in 20 degree weather. We aren't able to see many people since Henry needs to be protected from illness. Already both Anna and Thomas are climbing the walls.

It's only been cold here for a few weeks. Sometime mid-winter you may see PLEH DNES etched in my frosty windows.


Striving Green said...

Your hands are full!

I've read "Raising your Spirited" child too (most of, not all...who has time?). I believe our oldest is "spirited" too. The book helped. The quiz at the beginning of the book is especially enlightening, and the self-assessment is good insight too. Apparently, I am not the most laid-back person in the world myself.

I talked briefly with our doctor about this. His advice was "Most spirited children turn out to be successful, but their parents have a few more grey hairs".

Jennie C. said...

We have only the barest of routines here right now and the kids are definitely feeling it. Or maybe it's just their mama that's feeling it. :-) Looking forward to a little more rhythm to get us through!

Knittymama said...

Your oldest and my oldest sound a lot alike!! Spirited Child has helped me more than any book. I feel that I at least understand him better, which makes it easier to help him work through stuff.