Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hair Cut

I think my blog may have hit a new low for interesting content, but I'm going to post anyway. With my favorite blogs, I like to see updates, even if it's just "this is what I made for dinner and this is the color of my socks".

So here is my quasi-interesting post for the day. Last night I got my hair cut. Short. The front of my hair is now chin-length and the back is a bit shorter. The only true significance is that yesterday I had hair that reached nearly to my waist. I had meant to take the obligatory before/after pictures, but my day was thrown off by Anna's ballet class in the morning and a surprise dinner invitation from my parents. Before I knew it I was sitting in the salon chair having my hair removed when I remembered that I was supposed to have taken a picture earlier that day. Oh well. Imagine long, long hair and now imagine short, short hair and you'll just about have it.

My hair had reached the tipping point. I couldn't bear to have it so long because it was becoming my Fourth Child, difficult to manage and in need of thoughtful consideration. Eventually I knew I would find myself on Oprah having a Drastic Makeover with some cosmopolitan hair dresser using words like 'soft layers', 'gentle highlights', and 'backside of an angry squirrel". So The Hair had to go and on my own terms.

I've had the same young woman cut my hair (using the term loosely--for the past two or three years I've only really gone in twice a year or so) for years now so she knows me pretty well. She knows that somewhere in my house there is a blow drier, but that it would take me more than five to ten minutes to lay hands on it. She knows that I'm feeling pretty good about getting regular showers in again now that Henry is getting bigger. She also knows that I have never, ever been skilled in the use of Product.

Ever since I was in middle school in the mid-80s and had an unfortunate incident with a curling iron and Aqua Net which resulted in a failed attempt at poufy bangs I have been beyond reluctant to take on hair styling again. So I don't. Ta-da. I have the mythical "Simplified Morning Routine" that so many woman's magazines promote. It can't get simpler than "Be clean. Now stop." But I digress.

I went to the salon and told my hair cutter that I needed to go shorter. I would leave it up to her as to whether that meant that we would go 'short' or just 'shorter'. The last time I had been in she said that my long hair was really cute so I thought I would leave it to her. Am I still cute with long hair or is it time for a change? I have to wonder how annoying it must be to have someone sit in your chair and say "I have no opinion. I also have no desire to do any hair styling." I did add, though, that if we went short enough that we could donate my hair to Locks of Love.

So that's what we did. We cut off at least 10 inches to send in and another three inches must have gone off in the styling process. I just can't get over how short my hair is now! I'm not bothered by it, though I wish I'd waited until summer. I am unbelievably cold right now!


Sahara said...

And does your head feel, like, ten pounds lighter? Like every time you turn your head you actually think about what it just felt like to turn your head because it happened so SWIFTLY and EASILY? No? Oh, ok. I've never had that happen either.

Andi said...

I've been following your blog since I was pregnant with my son, and thought I'd take a moment to say hello!

Rest assured, I like reading your posts even if they are about normal every day things, because I yearn for a normal every day kind of life! Ha!

Just wanted to give you a bit of encouragement. Keep the posts coming! They're good inspiration for my own blog postings!