Thursday, April 10, 2008

No One to Blame But Myself

In the end, it all came down to me.

I'm sure you've heard about the upset with American Airlines this week. Sadly, P's business plans were caught up in the confusion. Or not sadly, perhaps. He was able to accomplish all of his work and because of the canceled flights he was able to come home a few hours earlier than anticipated. Hurrah!

I don't remember being so exhausted in years. None of P's previous business trips have been so draining. I have nothing to offer as an excuse except that my energy levels have been compromised in general and that this is the week that the wee ones chose to really test the limits of my patience. They scarcely played well together, which is something I can usually count on. Between that and my health, I was a pulpy mess by the time P (mercifully) walked through the door. Divine grace! He went to the office for the afternoon, but he spent a happy lunch hour here with us. He praised my cooking, he played cheerfully with the kids--I have never been so glad to clap eyes on another person in all my born days.

You might say that this is just what I needed--P was home to provide the necessary childcare so that I could party with the knitters! However, I am not exaggerating when I describe my physical and emotional state by the end of the workday. I spent the afternoon considering that an evening out might be just what would boost my spirits. And then this happened. Winter Storm Advisory. Heavy rain and sleet. And we all know what happens to rain and sleet at night when the temperatures drop. I just wasn't up to it. It's not only freakin' cold, but it's WET, too. Once I drove to St. Paul I would still need to walk a number of blocks to get to the event. So, instead of laughing with knitters, I took a hot bath (the first one in many years), drank some tea, and read The Mummy Case alone in bed.

And you know what? I feel a LOT better. I think that just looking at P helps.

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