Monday, September 1, 2008


Henry is still doing very well. He is breathing all on his own now, is maintaining his own body temperature, and is digesting the food they are giving him. They are feeding him what breastmilk I am able to pump and are making up the difference with formula. I'm a pumping fool, but I'm just not putting out that much in volume. I expect that in the next few days I'll start having an increase in output, but it's only hope that makes me think I'll be able to express more with Henry than I was able to with Thomas. If you have pumping tricks or tips, I'd be glad to hear them. For some reason I've never been one of those women who have stockpiles of breastmilk languishing in their freezers. I make some, but never enough to meet demand. Why is this?

I've been home for a day and a half now. I think it would be easier if our kitchen (and house) weren't all torn up for the remodel. I know there are only two more weeks left before it's done, but the whiny part of me hates that it's torn up now when I'm so fresh from bed rest and surgery. In two weeks I'll be feeling much better and it will matter less that I have to go up stairs to refill my water bottle. For now, I'm learning to deal with it as it is and to cope. Peter has been feeling overwhelmed with the added domestic responsibilities he's had the past seven weeks and so he has less energy to do some things for me. He'll do them; he's just less cheerful about it. Normally this would be fine, but I'm an emotional, hormonal mess on narcotics, so instead of being understanding I feel a little slighted.

The kids are delighted that I'm home again. I'm sure you can imagine. Anna didn't quite know what to make of me at first, but Thomas saw me this morning and cried out, "Mommy!" as though he were waking from a wonderful dream to find that it was really real. I felt like I was on Little House on the Prairie. It was a great feeling. I'm having a hard time keeping up with their energy, but it's still very, very good to be back with them again.

On another note, do any of you know anything about retaining water in your feet and ankles after delivery? I seriously have Hobbit feet. They are unrecognizable as human appendages. I want to know when they will go away. I can't even see my ankle bones anymore. If this coninutes, you'll be able to float me above Macy's parade on Thanksgiving Day!


Jessica said...

I'm in pretty much the same boat as you regarding pumping--I just barely meet demand most days and less on the others.

Glad you're finally home and hopefully Henry will be able to join you soon with how good he's doing!

I usually get a little bent out of shape during construction/remodel too--you're not alone!

Amanda said...

It took a few weeks for my kankles to subside. Stay hydrated and watch the salt intake :o).

Angoraknitter said...

Remember when I said that IV fluids can be overdone? That's my theory. I've seen so many ballooned up ladies after delivery...but it seemed to be more common after c-sections, where you're usually getting a lot of fluids...and then delivery is usually a time of great fluid volume shift, where your body has all this extra fluid from being pregnant, and now that you're suddenly not pregnant, it's trying to figure out what to do with it. I think loosing fluids during labor is natures way to deal with this...but I'm not really qualified to say for certain...just guessing and hypothesizing.

The swelling will go away adventually though. Keep drinking a lot of fluids and when your milk comes in that should help...I would think.

Michelle said...

I've had epidurals and natural deliveries, and after each epidural delivery, my legs swelled. It took up to 2 weeks before they stopped being puffy.