Saturday, September 26, 2009

Something I Made

Here's a picture of some socks I finished for Peter. It's the Tesserae Sock pattern from Anne Hanson. I used Cascade Heritage Paints sock yarn. I don't remember the colorway, but it's terrific for a man's sock. It's subtle enough that a sober individual like Peter will wear it, but interesting enough that I don't fall asleep while knitting it.

Peter seems to like them, which is always a bonus. One day the guy may score a handknit sweater from me. But for now, I will revel in the glory of a finished pair of socks.

Happy Day.


Jen said...

Those are nice socks! I am trying to get the time rounded up to get out my sewing machine for a couple of projects...knitting seems to require less equipment but more technical knowledge.

Dawn Farias said...


Knittymama said...

Lovely! I'll have to remember that pattern