Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Because I'm Craftier Than I Thought

I've been a busy elf with my new sewing machine.

Last weekend I took an old $0.50 sweater I bought at a garage sale and made Anna some wool pants. They turned out pretty well, if a little balloon-y up at the top. Then, this morning, I made these:

If you can't tell, they're wool soakers. I followed a free pattern that I found here. It was pretty easy to make. It would have to be for me to follow it.

After I get done lanolizing it a couple of times, it should be great for napping and overnights! Next time I'd like to try a lighter-weight sweater. This one was fairly thick, especially after I felted it. A fine gauge sweater would be terrific for day-time use.

I think it would be fair at this point to mention that I have officially become my mother. For years she sewed all of our clothes (except the legwarmers--those purple legwarmers were the greatest!) and on the side she explored a number of esoteric crafts. Among these were stenciling (and by this I mean our house, our garage, chalkboards, etc), paper-cutting (like lampshades), and straw weaving. Considering that the next project on my list is dipping my own beeswax candles, I think I can safely say the transformation is complete.

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Rachel said...

I totally made fused plastic last night. It's this tarp like material made from shopping bags. God, with craft, I'll try anything once.