Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Bout of Craftiness

This is Summer Dress 2.0. You'll remember the blue gingham dress we finished earlier and the mighty pile of thrift shop dress shirts from a previous post? I've finished the second of the Summer Dress series. Adorable front shot:
And if you ask her to show you her booty, this is what you get:
We had to take the pictures over her onsie, which wouldn't be the case if it were warmer than 12 degrees outside, but you get the idea. This dress is linen. We'll have to see what we think of this fiber's wearability as a play dress. I'm not sure I like the straps better than the ruffle sleeve I did on the last dress. I think that all things being equal I'd choose the ruffle sleeve for the marginally better sun protection the extra fabric would give. I'm the sort of person who thinks about these things.

In other news, Thomas has been having some fun playing with his "Fort" that P and I made.
I know that a lot of kids make forts from tables, chairs, and sofa cushions. However, we were getting pretty tired of having to go hunting for our kitchen chairs and replacing the cushions back on the sofa any time we wanted to sit down. We like that the are stable and that the kids can play without having to constantly stop to "fix" a falling wall, which happens quite frequently when you're including a two year old in the fun! P made the wood frame and I used an old sheet I'd inherited from my grandma to sew the "walls". The kids can make the walls (which are hinged) into any kind of shape and they like using our throw blankets as a roof. Today they put our throw pillows inside for sitting and brought in a few books to look at. Thomas used a couple of clips to attach the baby blanket door. It folds up pretty compactly when we're sick of looking at it. Thomas got his first sliver off of it a couple of days ago (about 1/3 to a 1/2 inch) and was very brave when I pulled it out. I'm hoping that the novelty of this will last until summer. Wish me luck.


Rachel said...

that is so cute. you should sell the pattern/instructions on your etsy site.

Sarah said...

I totally would, except that I got the instructions for free off the Magical Internet. I'd feel weird even selling the dresses I made without the creator's permission. I'm sure you feel the same way!