Monday, February 25, 2008

A Crafter's Work is Never Done

Last week, I started this:It's going to be another dress for Anna. I got far enough to realize that I would need to hem the bottom of this dress and that to do that I would also need some blue or grey thread. So now I have a pile of blue-grey shirt pieces laying on my craft table. This will probably continue until next month when I finally get my act together and go to the craft store.

Last week I also finished these:
They are for my friend who is due to have a baby any minute. I don't think she really reads this blog, so I feel comfortable showing these off ahead of the baby's arrival. She may glance at the blog periodically, but I'm confident that she'll have the baby before she checks in again. Of course, we've been expecting this pokey baby at any minute for a couple weeks now, so I may be wrong in this estimate. Whatever.

I got the pattern from the illustrious Mason Dixon Knitting which I'm sure a lot of you have heard of. I'm not even sure I really used the pattern since the idea is pretty straight-forward, but that is where the idea came from. Have any of you knit the Baby Kimono from this book? I think I must be slow-witted or something because I have run into a bit of a problem. I think it may be a gauge issue, but if any of you have knit the kimono before, let me know because I have a question. So far my kimono is looking like a whole lot of Knitting Gore and I'd like to rehabilitate before I send it to the Land of Frog.

Speaking of Frog, I saw frog legs for the first time ever last week. They were sitting in a pile of ice at the butcher's counter.


I'm as adventurous an eater as you're likely to meet in most places. There's not much that will put me off. But I have to tell you that seeing those little, naked froggie legs sticking out of the ice in frigid little pairs really made my breakfast lurch. First of all, they looked like tiny baby legs, especially with their webbed feet removed. Secondly, well, maybe there is no secondly, but it completely threw me for a loop. It was one of the few times I actually thought, "You mean people actually eat that?" Man, after seeing them raw in the store, I found it incredible that anyone would eat them without being Double Dog Dared.

And I thought Head Cheese was a pretty bizarre idea. I guess people can eat pretty much anything if they get hungry enough. Grasshoppers, anyone?

Have you had any food encounters that made you look twice?

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Amanda said...

Ever watch Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer on the Travel Channel? Wow, he eats some WEIRD stuff-BBQ whole sparrows anyone?