Thursday, May 1, 2008

Awkward Pregnancy Stage

Is it possible to start growing a baby belly at 13 weeks? I don't really think so, but yesterday and today have found me ridiculously uncomfortable in my regular shirts. I haven't gained any weight yet, but I feel like I should be unearthing my giant container of pregnancy clothes. I look at my stomach and wonder if it's actually bigger or if it's just my imagination. I just feel bigger all over.

I remember when I was pregnant with Thomas and Anna that there was a long period where I couldn't wear maternity clothes, but all of my regular clothes felt uncomfortable and awkward. Is there a fashion remedy for this?

Nothing brings back the painful and uncomfortable feelings of puberty like pregnancy. Your whole body morphs beyond your control and you barely understand the things that are happening to you. You just hope that it will all work out alright and that you'll end up looking more like Molly Ringwald and less like whomever played her unpopular, unattractive friend in her movies. I guess that no matter how grown up you become, there's still an insecure 13 year old who lives on, desperately hoping she gets her braces removed before her first kiss.


Anonymous said...

I remember that awkward stage between regular clothes and maternity clothes. My solution was to wear to work a couple of pants in one size up (which I'd had stowed away from when I'd weighed a few pounds more) and to buy one or two pairs of godawful-ugly-but-oh-so-comfy elastic-waist pants for around-the-house wear. Target and H&M both offer inexpensive options in both categories, and though it sucks to have to buy new clothes that you're going to wear for just a month or so, you DO need comfortable clothes to wear.

Jennie C. said...

I used to wear my pants unbuttoned, with a ponytail band looped through the button hole for an extra inch and a little stretch. Untuck the shirt and you're good to go! At least for another month or so. :-)

Heidi In Wisconsin said...

It is COMPLETLYE possible!! LOL I am pregnant with our 3rd and the day after conception I was in maternity cloths!!!! LOL

Saly said...

I am also pregnant with my third and found the need for maternity wear MUCH at 11 weeks.