Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finally, A Finished Object

Here is the picture I promised of Thomas's new sweater.  It is, perhaps, a little big.

Thomas is delighted, however, and that makes me very happy.  The yarn is nubby and soft.  I'm very pleased.  He'll enjoy wearing it--when he's, say 12 or 13.

No one grows out of my handknits too fast around THIS house.

I started an account on Ravelry so now I'll have to figure out how to put this into the system.  I'm not incompetent, technologically speaking, but it takes a lot of concentration for me to learn something new.


Anonymous said...

Oh. my. goodness. He has the sunniest smile I have ever seen! Great job on making an adorable kid and a great sweater!!

Anonymous said...

Big sweaters are the way to go for kids! I've heard too many "my kid had outgrown it before I finished knitting it" stories, so whenever I knit something for a kid it's always at least one size too big on purpose!

Knittymama said...

At least you know he'll get plenty of use from it! I put away the sweater I was making for Knittykid as I knew he'd be able to wear it for about two weeks:-)

super cute pic!

Angoraknitter said...

It looks great! My son chews on his sweaters and they're destroyed long before they're grown out of.

I like that color!