Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My days left in the hospital are numbered.

Last night there was a bit of green discharge which looked like meconium in my fluid. The doctor on call ordered an IV, no food or fluids, and for me to be monitored for six hours--from six until midnight. I'm afraid I disgraced myself when the IV person tried three times to dig a needle into my vein. By the third time she was trying unsuccessfully to put it in my hand, I started crying for her to stop. They got another person to come in and she took two stabs before it got put in. It took quite a while before I was able to settle myself down. It was overwhelming to have to be continuously monitored, with an IV, and not even water to drink.

By midnight I was off the monitor--baby looked fine--and I was finally able to sleep. At six the doctor wanted me to spend another two hours on the monitor, so the sleep was short-lived.

This morning Peter and the kids came for a visit, which is lucky, I suppose, since my white blood cell counts came back elevated and indicating that an infection is brewing. Peter was able to talk to the doctor who is rounding today and hear that we might be delivering the baby today, or maybe not. Right now we don't know what will happen for sure since they want to continuously monitor the baby to see how he or she is doing. If no other signs of infection appear and baby is doing well, they will probably leave the baby in a while longer. If it seems like baby is in distress at all, they will deliver the little one today. Either way, my hospital stay just got a lot less pleasant.

I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow.


Marsha said...

Oh gosh. That's big news.

I'll be thinking of you all and hoping for the best.

Jennie C. said...

I'm so sorry. We'll be praying extra hard for you and your wee one tonight.

Angoraknitter said...

Welll.....if anything extra fluid in the IV probably isn't a bad thing. Hydration is Key...but of course it can be over done too. I'm always comfortable with about 100cc's or less an hour.

I'm guessing they'll be starting IV antibiotics if the WBC's and temp are elevating. I have hope that getting those started "could" be all that's needed to get you though the night. I'll keep my prayers for you coming.

So sorry they blew all those IV attempts. I know the hand is usually a painful spot for an IV. You can try rubbing your arms in an area about three inches above the IV and it sometimes help to distact the discomfort signals.

Make sure they explain all the pros and cons of either course of action...and that the decision is yours. okay?

Stay calm.

kristina said...

BIG hugs to you. I hope you are able to hang on for a little while longer, and if not, that baby comes out healthy and has a very boring little NICU stay. :)


pretendingsanity said...

praying for you. lots of love.