Thursday, June 12, 2008

In Which I Ramble On and On

I wish I could spin a story about how busy we've been.  It wouldn't be true, but it would be a way to account for my time, at least.  It seems that we've been able to creep out of the Early Spring weather we've been having since late April and we've finally had some temperatures in the 70s.  Our lazy summer days started in February, though.  We've hardly gone anywhere or done anything since we started expecting this baby.  Grocery store?  Maybe later.  Trip to Target?  Do I have to?  Children's museum?  You've got to be kidding.  My poor kids have become hermity homebodies.

Maybe this is starting to change, though.  This week we actually managed a trip to the zoo with my friend Kate and her little girls.  It was so refreshing to walk with the children in the warm summer air and see sparkly new scenery.  The exhibit we chose to walk through was unexpectedly packed with people--families, tourists, and school groups.  It's a new exhibit so it wasn't really the best choice.  But, the kids did get to see the hairy grizzly bear and a swimming otter--two things Anna is still talking about.  I'm hoping that with the nice weather we can manage some more outings, even if I need a friend's assistance in getting motivated.

I finally decided what to do with the yarn.  Marsha suggested that the brown wasn't too masculine for little girl soakers and I decided that she was right. 

I decided to knit some longies for Anna, though, instead of Baby Nuevo.  I really like knit pants for her, especially for sleeping.  They're great if her diaper leaks a bit and she's always warm and cozy in them.  I had a pair that she wore last winter and they just don't fit anymore!  

Can I just say how much I like this Little Turtle Knits pattern?  All of the math is worked out for each size and the sizes go up to 30+ lbs.  I find the fit is generous so I never wish I'd made the next size up.  They have a high rise so it will fit well over the fullest cut diaper.  The only thing I don't care for is how the crotch pulls a bit on an active child.  A gusset like the one on the LTK Picky Pants pattern might correct this, I think.  I'm looking forward to buying a copy of her PP pattern when I get my next allowance.  

I'm hoping to finish these pants today.  Knitting a pair of pants is very comparable to the amount of knitting in a sweater, I think.  It is a TON of knitting!  Have any of you knit longies for a little baby?  I'm wondering how you keep their tummy covered if they're wearing longies and a t-shirt?  I should think that longies and a long-sleeve onsie might look strange.  What do you think?  This baby will be born just as the weather turns cold and our house is very drafty.  I'd like to do longie diaper covers but the Cold Tummy Syndrome has been a concern.

I seem to be running out of time before this baby is born.  I keep getting sidetracked on the knitting.  All this baby has so far is one pair of (mostly finished) soakers.  What is wrong with me, I wonder?  I've knit sweaters for both of the kids (mostly--Anna's cabled sweater is languishing.  I have no idea why that has been abandoned in the Bag of Knitting Purgatory), I've knit pants for Anna, and next on my list is a felted bag to hold some of Anna's soft toys.  I haven't a sweater or a blanket even planned for this baby.  I ordered some Peace Fleece to knit soakers for The Baby, but this is knitting at its most utilitarian.  Really.  Knitting you can pee on.  Sort of puts dishcloths and socks in a new perspective.  Hardly the loving knitting of booties, sweaters, and bonnets, eh?  

That said, I think what I'd really love to knit this baby is a blanket.  A blanket will last for a lot longer than a little sweater.  Maybe that's an idea I can think about.  Do any of you have favorite baby blanket patterns?  I can consider all of my options while I finish Anna's sweater, pants, felted bag and begin on baby soakers.


kristina said...

I love the longies! If I were ever to have another, I would knit some soakers. I never bought any (just used wraps with prefolds) because they are SO expensive. But, making my own would be SO cool.

Marsha said...

I've never knit longies. They look like fun!

My favorite baby blanket is the one in Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss. Basically, you knit a ton of little garter-stitch squares in Baby Cashmerino (yum), then sew them together, rotating every other one ninety degrees.