Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wanted: Drive-Thru Knitting Shop

I wish I could turn one of the coffee shops in town into a knitting store.  Better yet, we could use one less manicure salon.  How many manicurists does it take to service one moderately sized suburb?

My life would be so much easier if I could get my little hands on  set of size 6 dpns at a moment's notice.  There have been so many times when I find myself mid-project, nearing the final lap when I'm brought up short by a distinct lack of knitting needles.  I have no other explanation than an apparent Black Hole of knitting equipment that has manifested itself in my knitting cupboard.  

I've been knitting for years now and a size 6 needle is by FAR my most utilized size, but time and again I find myself scrounging the bottom of my needle bag trying in vain to locate a size 6 needle.  If I were one to have a lot of UFOs lying around occupying sets of needles I could understand it.  But even taking that into consideration I still can never find a size 6 when I need it!  I have a set of dpns that I just bought sitting in an unfinished pair of Fetching right now, but I  bought those needles a month ago.  Where have all the other sets gone?  I'm sure there must be more around here.

I could live with this Knitting Impairment just fine if getting yet another set of size 6 dpns would be as simple as making a trip to Target.  It's not like I have to hook up the sled dogs and cross the Yukon, but it involves a small drive to another town or a trip into the city to get to the nearest yarn shop.

I never get my cat groomed.  I really don't need more than one coffee shop at a time.  I don't know how our town can keep so many mortgage places in business.  We have a tattoo parlor and no less than three Subway shops.  There are two or three manicure places within a block of each other.  I have no idea why our little town can't keep one yarn shop in business.  How frustrating.

Now, if our town had a yarn shop with a drive-through window, curb-side yarn winding, and also sold bread and milk--I'm sure that THEN we'd have a boom business on our hand.  I'm sure they'd do well enough just selling me size 6 double pointed needles every week.

And, P--honey?, I have a birthday coming up, as you know, and I think that a couple of sets of Clover's lovely bamboo double pointed knitting needles would be just the thing.  I could use them in a size 6.  

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Knittymama said...

Oh, the sixes...I had the same problem last night!!